"The Extraterrestrial" Aja Perera

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: ???
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Black
Hometown:  Planet Triceratops
Debut Year In Wrestling: 2013

Bio: Aja "SUPER" Perera is your friendly-neighborhood wrestling hero. In her initial attempts in the wrestling industry, she came across difficulty in the form of promotions, promoters and even some wrestlers. Instead of caving into the adversity she adopted her super persona and continued to fight the odds head on! 
Gimmick:  Super Hero/Alien

Wrestling Style: Technical

Titles Held: APW Women's Championship, 2015 LLF Cup, Girl Fight Championship

Worst Loss: In the constant conflict with her biggest rival, Dementia D'Rose,
Aja's fight to uphold what's right seems to come up short more often than not. Although it never seems to ruin her will and drive to face the odds a strong win over her greatest enemy would go a long way in solidifying her position as a top wrestling talent.

Favorite Moves/Holds: Axe Kick, "SUPER" Super kick

Finisher: The Justice Drop (Rocker Dropper)

Career Highlight: Competing in the land of Strong Style, Japan.