Height:  5'3"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Debut Year In Wrestling:  June 2005
How I Broke In: In 1998 Carlisle started her career as a manager/valet. Following a hiatus and training for an in-ring career she continued to manage on a regular basis until July 30, 2005 when she wrestled in her first match against Krissy Vaine. From that point on Carlisle has made huge strides to be one of the very best women wrestlers active today. 
Working Region: No set location (traveling talent)
Gimmick: Modern Day Black Panther
Wrestling Style: Southern Style Brawler/Technician
Titles Held:  NWA Women's World Championship
Signature Moves/Holds: Leg drop (from top rope),
Finisher:  Double Arm DDT
Biggest Rivals: Barbie Hayden, Jessie Belle Smothers and Sara Feeney
Dream Opponent(s): Sherri Martel
Social Media: Twitter (@KaceeCarlisle) Youtube (@/user/kaceecarlisle) and Facebook
Career Highlight(s): Defeating Tasha Simone for the NWA Women's World Championship and becoming the first Valkrie's Women's Champion.