Mickie Knuckles

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: None Ya Damn Business
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Hometown:  Louisville, KY
Debut Year In Wrestling: 2003


Gimmick:  Toughest chick walking the planet

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Titles Held:

Biggest Win:

Worst Loss: Doesn't take any loss well but the biggest one she's suffered thus far has been at the hands of Aja "SUPER" Perera. Not only for the loss itself but that the pain Tragedy sought to inflict afterwards was thwarted by the new union of Nina Monet and Aja Perera which sent Tragedy into a hateful tirade.

Favorite Moves/Holds:

Finisher: Tragi-Knee (a running Knee) and a Spinning Facebuster

Career Highlight:

Current Status: Retired (due to injuries)