Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Hometown:  Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
Debut Year In Wrestling: 2004

Bio: In high school, Tiffany's friend, Charlie, wanted her to see him wrestle and invited her to a show he was participating in. I was surprised and said to him "they have that around here?" After going to a show and watching some of my other friends train, I gained respect for a business that I didn't even know existed off of national TV. I started training in early 2004 and its all history from there.

Gimmick: Wrestling Rock Star

Wrestling Style: Technical, Brawler

Titles Held: MLOW Tag Team Champion, NWA Women's World Champion

Biggest Win: Winning the NWA Women's World Championship in 2011 by defeating Tasha Simone.

Worst Loss: Losing the world title in a Steel Cage match.

Favorite Moves/Holds: Side slam, face buster, double axe-handle from the top rope.

Finisher: The Rock & Roll (Flatliner)

Career Highlight: The biggest match of Rock-C's career so far has been taking on former WWE and TNA star's Mickie James and Awesome Kong in a one-on-one matches. These match-ups have elevated Rock-C's profile as a wrestler and showcased her talent to more fans than ever.